39. Yu Wang, Bowen Wang, Kanglei Liu, Xiaodong Yin, Pangkuan Chen and Nan Wang*,Tuning the Through-Space Charge Transfer Emission in Triarylborane and Triarylamine Functionalized Dipeptide Organogels,Soft Matter, 2022, Accepted Manuscript


We report herein a new class of either carbazolyl or BMes2 (Mes = mesityl) group functionalized Boc-Lys(Z)-Phe-OMe (Z = carbobenzyloxy) dipeptides—Boc-Lys(Z)-Phe-C5-carbazolyl (N2) and Boc-Lys(Z)-Phe-C6-BMes2 (B2). Both of the compounds are able to gel several common aromatic solvents at low concentration. The photophysical studies reveal the existence of intense through space charge transfer interaction between the donor and acceptor units in the B2 and N2 based dual-component supramolecular organogels. Furthermore, by tuning the B2 : N2 ratios in the binary gels, both of the maximum emission wavelength and the morphologies of the dual-component gels can be effectively modulated.